A Baby

Eleanor Jane is 4 weeks old today and we are so grateful for all the family and friends who have helped us navigate our first month of parenthood.

Grateful for all the delicious food, the giant HOORAY! sign, the gifts, the flowers, the advice, the cards arriving daily, and to the many, many people who have wished us well from all over the world.

You are the reason we know little Eleanor will do just fine! - THANK YOU EVERYONE!

                                                                                                                                 much love -

Dave and Yules

Lake George Island Camping

My grandparents started camping on the Lake George islands in 1934. This was at a time when the campsite was fully maintained by those who camped and spending an entire summer on the island was not unheard of. In fact, that's exactly what my grandparents did. From late June, until early September they would spend their entire summer out on the islands.

Fast forward to today and we managed to eke out a weekend. A reason to celebrate.

We camped with my brother and his wife who have their anniversary a day after ours and who are also expecting their first born. Our celebration agenda included eating, swimming, reading, long naps - maybe a boat ride, and then eating again. Timing is everything.

Why we don't do this more often is beyond me. The two days spent out on the island were so peaceful I can only imagine what an entire summer would do for the soul.


First Sale!

Using my old Smith Corona to type out my first "care card" for my very first sale!

I have to admit, I was getting a bit anxious waiting for my first sale. The shop has been "open" for a little over three weeks now. I'm told it's not uncommon to wait - and in fact, three weeks is considered quick.

Thank you Kathy, way out in Ames, Iowa! Your cutting board is on the way!